Video Services
We offer packages for special events such as sports events, weddings, anniversary, and graduation. We also offer packages to preserve the memories you have already captured in photo, film, or video form.
Wedding Package
  • A Web site to communicate all the planned events, gift registry, maps, and pictures or video of your wedding.
  • A Ceremony video that captures the actual wedding and is edited to a final version on DVD or VHS.
  • A Reception video that is footage of the reception events, guests, and comments from your friends and guests. This is all capture and edited into the final version.
  • A Full Day video which is footage of all the preparations by both the bride and groom as they prepare for the ceremony.
  • A Photo Montage that is created from past photos of growing up, dating, and other memories set to music. This DVD can be played at the rehearsal dinner and/or reception. It can also be given as a gift to parents or members of the wedding party.
Memories Package
  • A package that will preserve memories by converting photos, film and video to DVD that will allow you to view these memories on your computer or home DVD player. Photos and film both start to fade and become un viewable but DVD's can preserve the current state and at times enhance the existing media.
Photo Montage
  • Photo montages are used to tell a story by utilizing photos, special effects and music. Montages can be used for things such as anniversaries, graduation parties, weddings or as a creative way to share your photos.